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Currently in my final year of University, I am looking for work as a level designer, preferably in the south east of the UK.

I thoroughly enjoy Level design, in that I get to work in a team, with people across multiple roles and positions. Creating an experience that a player can enjoy and realising a vision of making a journey for the player. Level design is a way for a player to read without writing. Giving a player guidance through lighting and placement of objects rather then giving a player an arrow saying "Go here." It's a great challenge and one I love learning to solve time and time again.

When I was younger I used to make Halo 3 Forge levels when I was about 12 years old, I then continued this in Halo: Reach and even making my own game modes and levels for my friends to enjoy in Minecraft! 

In my personal time I love the outdoors! I am big into camping and getting a proper breath of fresh air! Socialising and meeting new people is always something I am eager to do!

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