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Currently living in London working as a BAFTA Nominated Level Designer.

Previously at Mediatonic/Epic Games. 

Having worked on Fall Guys as well as other projects within Epic Games, I have strived to create engaging levels for players to enjoy such as fan favourites like Lily Leapers and Track Attack.

I have always loved creating game spaces for players to enjoy. The challenges entailed in piecing together what feels like a giant puzzle, to come together to create thrilling and engaging environment for players. 

This all stems back from when I was younger, I used to make Halo 3 Forge levels when I was about 12 years old, I then continued this in Halo: Reach and even making my own game modes and levels for my friends to enjoy in Minecraft! 

In my personal time I love the outdoors! I am big into camping and getting a proper breath of fresh air! Socialising and meeting new people is always something I am eager to do!

I also love board games and TTRPG's. I am currently in a D&D campaign

spanning over 2 years of play!

Click the image below to see me interviewed on some of my work on Fall Guys!

Being interviewed by Elle Osili-Wood on my work in Fall Guys Season 5.
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