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Time Based Platformer

This short prototype was to see how the movement mechanics from my main project CEOverkill would translate into a different type of game.

Using the movement systems I programmed myself, I set up 3 different levels and a tutorial. I removed the grapple hook and focused on the double jump and wall run abilities. 

In future I would want to expand, on more varying types of levels, and ensuring that the more open types of level are clearer. The 3rd level definitely isn't as obvious about where the player should go as I would want.

I also came across a number of bugs with the leaderboard, which in future I would also want to fix.

However this prototype does show a good proof of concept for what a free running platformer could be. With inspirations from Mirrors Edge and Clustertruck, I feel it executes the feeling of speed and free flowing player movement really well. 

I do believe that having more variations on the shapes of the levels would help, this is something I want to work on in the future, as these levels can feel very "square." More curved surfaces and a more of a "Sprawling" feel to these levels would be something I aim to do better at as well.

You can download this prototype here:



First Person Melee Action

CEOverkill is a team project of 11 members for our second year at university.

I worked as a systems and level designer on the project. I aimed to ensure the game feels rewarding and enjoyable to play whilst maintaining a degree of difficulty and challenge.

The game stemmed from us wanting to do our own take on rouge-likes and tower defense style games. Focusing on melee combat and fluidity of movement, the purpose of the game is for the player to survive waves of enemies through an ever challenging and expanding tower.

We finished development in April 2019.


Local Multiplayer Top Down Shooter

Battlebarn is 2 - 4 player free for all. Available to play local co-op with controllers. The aim is to get to the kill count before your friends do!

Each player is a randomly assigned an animal at the beginning to prevent your friend getting the animal they are best at. With destructible envrinments as well, the level will evolve with play, opening new lanes and areas to easier defeat enemies!

Each animal has strengths and weaknesses that you'll need to play to in order to win!

Sheep - A close range killer. With his shears, he is the fastest animal and can jump you around corners. Mixed with his dash ability to close a gap, he is deadly if you get too close

Cow - This half cyborg cow had her udders replaced with a minigun and can deal rapid damage! She's slow so try not to get yourself cornered. With her ability to increase her fire rate and damage temporarily, she can be unstoppable if she gets a good vantage point

Goat - This goat has an attitude, with a cannon strapped to his back, he can fire his cannon around objects! Making him able to defeat enemies round walls, with a tactical shot, he can pull of some crazy kills. His stunning headbutt can make an easy kill if you get too close with a 1-2-Combo! His cannon also does bonus damage to the envrionment.

Pig - This pig has a buddy! A smaller pig riding him... wielding a shotgun. The pig is the ultimate soldier, he can kill you up close and personal. With his ability to sprint, he can rush up and blast you quickly.


Global Game Jam 2019

For the Global Game Jam 2019, me and some of my friends decided to do something completely different to any work we had done prior.

This was a 2D Platformer with the goal of having wacky controls and to get the main character, our friend Chris, home.

I was involved in working on getting a functional and working character controller as well as designing some of the obstacles. The character controller took a lot of work as I had never worked with animation or ragdoll physics before. It was a great challenge!

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